The Young Researchers’ Workshop is designed as an integral part of the conference. All participants are expected to take part in the whole conference. In addition, there will be extra paper sessions in a pre-conference phase starting on Monday, 3rd of October (see the attached draft program). There will also be a time slot for poster presentations and informal discussions about them. Every presenter will be put in touch with an academic “godparent” – one of the experienced scholars presenting at the conference – who will individually discuss the young researcher’s project with him or her during the conference. All accepted applicants are expected to present a paper in one of the paper sessions and a poster in the poster gallery.


Conditions for Application and Financial Support

Young Researchers are eligible to apply for being accepted as presenters at the Young Researchers’ Workshop, if they are below 40 years of age and in the process of writing a doctoral dissertation, conducting a post-doctoral research project or doing similar qualifying research above Master level in the thematic field of “public theology – religion – education” as outlined on the "introduction" page. The approach of the research project may be theoretical, historical or empirical. It may refer to any religion. Application requires the submission of

1) an abstract of the research project of about 1,000 words (in Word-,  ODT- or rtf-format)

2) a letter of recommendation by the professor or senior researcher coaching the project

3) a short curriculum vitae including all your contact details and a photograph.

Applications should be sent via Email to  

Extended Deadline is 15 May 2016. You will receive a confirmation of receipt within two weeks.

Applicants without financial support by their own university or academic institution can apply for the reimbursement of the conference fee as well as travel and accommodation expenses of up to 1,500 Euros. In this case, the  form “Financial Support Application” should be completed and submitted along with the documents listed above. If you are accepted as a presenter of your research project you will receive notice about the financial support granted along with the letter of acceptance.


Criteria of Selection

Criteria for assessment of submissions include

a)    theoretical and/or practical significance;

b)    originality;

c)     soundness of scholarship and research design;

d)    proper study execution;

e)    relevance and appropriateness of findings and conclusions;

f)     implications for theory and/or practice;

g)    clarity and organization of the paper.